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Tracey Barnett and Tanya Ransom come together for one night only in Bunbury to celebrate new music releases. Each with a unique flair for storytelling, weaving truth into their songs, it will be a night to remember.
Music 8:30pm-11pm
Tracey Barnett’s latest Album EYES FORWARD was released into the world on the 10th September. A multi-instrumentalist with a powerful stage presence, Tracey is best witnessed in concert. Throughout her career, she has made the conscious decision to remain solo, and as a result, has created closeness between her and her audience. This connection, along with her sheer instinct for songwriting, is what makes Tracey Barnett one of the most exciting modern blues artists in Australia.
Tanya Ransom’s latest EP BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH, was released September 24th. BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH is a collage of songs that explore the intricate emotions of the human condition. These separate stories share a common thread of vulnerability, digging deep into our past in order to learn about ourselves, our wounds, the power of healing and changing a narrative that no longer serves us. Ransom weaves her signature sound of folk blues and alt country amongst ornate melody’s and powerful vocals that will leave you attached to its honesty and raw emotion.