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On the back of the release of their new album “PINK FIT”, THE KILL DEVIL HILLS will be hitting the south west for their first shows in the area in yonks. Catch them Sunday, December 9 at Clancys for a FREE ENTRY show with special guests to be announced.

“PINK FIT” available on 12-inch vinyl through Bang! Records….

Western Australia is a strange part of the world, and so is its music. The birthplace of the Scientists, the Triffids, The Hoodoo Gurus, and later Tame Impala and the Drones, just to name a few. Squeezed between the vast textures of the Indian Ocean and the nearby desert, seasoned with the trashy ennui of a rising suburbia, shiny new 4WDs and meth labs abound….

The Kill Devil Hills arose from this dubious landscape in the early 2000s, and now almost 15 years into their existence, the band returns to Europe with a fresh new slab of musical meat, PINK FIT, a 32 minute, 6-track menagerie recorded over three days in January 2018. Loaded with the sonically twisted garage-swamp-blues for which the band is renowned, there are also more experimental delvings into new and stranger territories. All in all, it’s a stunning snapshot of a band stretching itself further than ever before, bones snapping, skin taut….