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Sydnee Carter is a 20 year old contemporary indie/pop/ singer from Perth Western Australia.

A largely self-taught guitarist and singer with no formal vocal coaching, Sydnee took charge of her own musical learning and development since receiving an acoustic guitar at age 7.

At the age of 16yrs, Sydnee decided to add to her portfolio of experience and auditioned for X Factor 2014 in hope that she might acquire some experience and at the very least a quality audition tape to present to WAAPA once completing school. To her surprise she made through to the live shows (five weeks) and had a great experience as a 16 year old getting to perform on live TV.

In 2015 Sydnee’s song writing ability was first recognised when she was a nominee in WAM song of the year under 18 category and again later that same year making the grand final of the Telstra “road to discovery” a national competition for up and coming song writers.

In 2016 she attended WAAPA and completed a diploma of contemporary music which again gave her the theory and more knowledge to use her natural abilities in areas such as song writing etc.

Also in 2016 Sydnee was selected to play 3 show cases at Music matters Singapore the largest music event in the Southern Hemisphere.

February 2017 Sydnee released “When we were Young” from her forthcoming EP, the track represents her memories of being a kid and entering adulthood. In May 2017 the song won the prestigious WAM song of the year for 2017 also taking out the pop category.

In April 2017 a collaboration track with Slumberjack “Afraid Unafraid” in which Sydnee wrote the lyrics and performs vocals was in released in April released debuting at Number 1 on the ITunes electronic charts with now 6 million streams on Spotify.

Sept 2017 Sydnee performed lyrics on a track by Leroy Styles “Heartbeat” released in Europe.

Oct 2017 Sydnee teamed up with rapper 360 for the track “Money” which appears on the Vintage and Modern album debuting at No1 album on the Itunes Hip Hop charts.

More recently Sydnee has written new material and formed a 5 piece band with some prominent young musicians. This has taken her show to a new level and following their debut show at the Nannup festival she has received much interest and further gig opportunities.