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Hot off the heels of their SOLD OUT show at Badlands Bar, Perth, Australia’s ONLY Tribute to ROB ZOMBIE are back in Western Australia. SUPER BEAST are bringing their complete stage show to Bunbury, with full theatrics and costumes to pay homage to the Lord of Horror and Shock Rock, Mr Rob Zombie.
…….and the Mad Hatter himself on the Rob Zombie role was bar none right on the money, the look was on point and indistinguishable from the legend himself and the crazy performances including stints on the bar tops and jumping into the crowd, bounding in leaps across the stage were simply fun to watch. Even if you weren’t necessarily a fan of the music, you had to appreciate the overall production and work that went into this.
Theatrics aside though, it was the music that also had to play it’s main role and the set was filled with some of the best. “Living Dead Girl” came in early as did “Electric Head” and “Pussy Liquor” which were strong highlights of the show. “Get High” got the crowd well and truly engaged as did “Thunder Kiss ’65” from the old White Zombie era. – Andrew Massie, The Rockpit
……I truly appreciate all the Zombie tribute bands around the world, but she’s killing it! – Piggy D on Elle Jay
Mad Hatter Productions brings you the closest experience to ROB ZOMBIE for any fan of his work. SUPER BEAST captures the live experience that fans crave for, filling the gap on our stages that the current epidemic has caused.
Following the classic line up that is the pinnacle of Rob Zombie’s band and music, SUPER BEAST consists of seasoned musicians from across the world, coming together in Australia’s only tribute to the High Lord of Horror. Mad Hatter, UK (Rob Zombie), Bil 10, Indonesia (John 5), Elle Jay, UK/NZ (Piggy D) and Scotty Maxx, Australia (Ginger Fish). These musicians have played across a variety of stages, continents and festivals in various styles of music. They have the ability to hone in on that essence that makes Rob Zombie’s music hit you in the core, more to they point they are all huge fans of his work.
The latest in their series of shows taking them to Prince Of Wales Hotel, Bunbury, Western Australia with special guests, Crash Rät and Amphead.