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The Show
Expect an epic one man show, celebrating the music from the most
influential artist of the decade.
All of your favourite Ed Sheeran songs performed under the lights in
hand picked venues around the world, ensuring the best possible audio
and visual experience.
This show is for all ages, containing nothing but great songs, high
energy and good vibes to get the whole family singing, dancing and
Joe executes Ed’s songs live just like the man himself, using nothing
but a loop pedal.
Born and raised in the East of England, just like Ed, Joe has made a
living performing around the world as a singer guitarist for the
past 10 years.
With his dynamic British singing voice and rhythmical acoustic
guitar playing, it just made sense for Joe to become a tribute to an
artist he admires.
Check out the Tour section to see when Sheeran Out Loud will be
coming to a venue near you!