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Rastatrix are are reggae band based in south-west Australia. The group plays reggae with a twist. Reggae icon Bob Marley once said that all styles of music can fit into reggae, and this West Australian group does just that, mixing funk, jazz, soul and world music into their sound along with classic reggae based styles such as ska, dub, roots, drum’n’bass, dancehall and afro-funk using trumpets, vocals, guitars, drum-kit, basses, keyboards and percussion to get people’s feet moving.

Rastatrix play the music of love and revolution, of freedom and destiny. Dave Rastrix’ trumpet weaves exotic spells of revelry and romance with dazzling dexterity, soaked in soul and special effects which make the instrument sound like you’ve never quite heard it before. David sings with passion and compassion, focalising the band’s musical message with the band’s interactive vocalising, harmonising, and inciting audience sing-a-longs. New bassist Tony King’s bass playing underpins the groups reggae sound with ground shaking intensity. Conga queen Cathy Fotios brings a world music flavor to the band’s sound, whilst Drum-kit duties are more than filled by Mark Gretton, who brings his rich experience to the world of funky reggae beats for dancing feet. Guitarist ‘Orbital Xander’ Rowden provides crisp upbeats that are to reggae what water is to a fish – and whilst you’ll often find Xander out surfing the seas, when it comes to reggae music his style fits in swimmingly!