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Ornella, hailing from Busselton Western Australia, has stepped onto the stages of the South-West, bringing with her a dreamy side to the exciting world of pop rock. Female performers such as Vera Blue and Hayley Williams (PARAMORE) inspire Ornella to think outside of the box when creating her own music, with some saying she is comparable to Lana Del Ray. Her songs take on a dream like quality with honest lyrics and catchy choruses. The full band (formed late 2019) combines these traits with bright, bold guitar riffs, complimentary and solid bass and drum, and a whole lot of passion bringing the music to life. The release of debut single Golden Boy, a beautifully hopeless yet upbeat tune, has kicked off Ornella’s career and given the world a small taste of what’s to come in 2020.
“Her music continues to evolve, with a dash of both darkness and hope.” – Around the Sound