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Dallas Radio are a 5-piece
Australian rock band from
Dunsborough, WA. The band
formed in early 2019 largely
from the division of two
bands, Dallas Royal and Desert
Lead by spirited front man Mitch
Baker, the new band quickly
returned to form playing venues
across the south west of WA.
Dallas Radio’s reputation for
consistently delivering pumping
rock shows soon lead to the
band headlining a festival tour
across the country that
culminated in the final show at
The Domain in Sydney playing to
a crowd of 18,000.
With live shows on hold last year
due to COVID19, the band
quickly shifted focus to writing
new music that draws from their
diverse range of influences and
experience supporting acts such
as Cog, British India, Dune Rats,
Jebediah, Phil Jameson and Josh
Their unique brand of
entertainment fuses big vocals
and catchy melodies with 90’s
style guitar riffs and plenty of
stage presence to make you get
up and party.
Recent easing of COVID
restrictions in WA means
Dallas Radio are back playing live
gigs. They’ve wasted no time in
showcasing their new music,
which is resonating very well
with audiences and secured
them a WAMFEST show at
Amplifier Bar in Perth.
The band is also busy in the
recording studio and will be
playing a series of live shows
coinciding with the release of
their first single ‘Suffering’ in late
July 2021.
For updates, you can follow the
band on social media:
 @dallasradioband on
 dallas_radio on Instagram
 Dallas Radio on Triple J