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Blackwood Morris new on the scene coming straight out of the musical gate with a debut album “scary fish”. With record companies already interested in this independent act from Margaret River the lads from Blackwood are happy doing their own thing at their pace! The Morris brothers (yes by blood) are happy writing at this stage and touring will be something they look at down the line after they complete a second follow up album already in progress! “We live in a remote area, can’t gig every night like in the city so recording product and rehearsing is our focus” Freddy Morris (front man)

“We love music and work dam hard at making sure our tones are on”

Blackwood Morris have released two visual clips to back their album displaying a gritty grungy side to their lifestyle down south. Their show at the Prince will be accompanied by funk/reggae band 44 Degrees from Perth who are also showing off their new EP.

Check out facebook for all further band information and recent releases.